LiveMedia installs high quality LCD Screens in captive environments such as Restaurants, Coffee Shops, Pubs, Lounges, Corporate Cafeterias, BPOs, Salons, Gyms, Educational Institutes, Hospitals etc. where people of identifiable demographics congregate and spend an average of 20 minutes or more of their free or waiting time.

Our current network spans 2900 plus locations with over 6000 screens and is growing every day.

The key benefits of installing LiveMedia Screens are :

  • Our high Quality and branded Screens are provided at no cost to you
  • The Screens enhance the ambience of the outlets where they are installed
  • The Screens show programming and content which is targeted, interesting and engaging thus enhancing your customer’s overall experience and satisfaction
  • Our Content is addictive and has the potential to keep bringing back your customers to your outlet