With changing lifestyles, the media consumption habits of people are also changing thus calling for newer and more innovative ways to reach out to the elusive Customers. LiveMedia’s strategy is based on addressing customer segments like Youth and Young Professionals, white collar elite, Elite Women etc who are thin users of traditional media and reaching out to them in places where they are sitting and spending most of their free time.

LiveMedia typically installs multiple Screens in every location thereby ensuring that the audience have a clear and impactful view. The display is high quality and approximately two thirds of our Screens are audio enabled thereby further enhancing the effectiveness of our Network.

The audience is engaged through an innovative genre of content and programming that LiveMedia has pioneered and we today run 13 different branded programs, each of which is developing its own set of loyal viewers.

Our network is the largest in India and spans over 2900 locations through 6000 Screens spread over 80 cities and towns and addressing over 60 million footfalls in a month and growing every day.

The key benefits of advertising with LiveMedia are :

Captivity :
LiveMedia Screens are installed in places where people spend an average of 20 minutes thereby ensuring that your message is well observed and absorbed.
Precise Targeting :
LiveMedia is focused demographically, psychographically and  geographically so that you can reach out to your precise target segment in the most effective manner.
Engagement :
LiveMedia has pioneered a new genre of content which is targeted, innovative and interesting thereby creating audience engagement and stickiness